10 Best Small Pets for Cuddling

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Best Small Pets for Cuddling

There are various options to choose from if you are looking to add a new member to your family. Plenty of small pets that are friendliest, cheap, easier to care for, and are low maintenance.

We all know that having a pet can have lots of benefits. Pet ownership has several mental health benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety, and most importantly depression.

Researches also show that pet ownership helps kids become empathetic, boosts immunity, increases self-esteem, and strengthens social skills.

All small pets look cute, but some are not especially loving. Hence, if you are searching for a very cuddly small pet, choose wisely.

Whether you need a kid-friendly or an apartment-friendly pets that likes to cuddle, we have covered it. Here are a few of our favorite best small pets for cuddling that requires low maintenance and also, delivers great affection and companionship.


What are the Best Small Pets for Cuddling?

Here's a quick breakdown of the most affectionate and friendly pets that like to cuddle and make great friends:

  1. Dogs
  2. Chinchillas
  3. Guinea pig
  4. Gerbils
  5. Hamsters
  6. Sugar Gliders
  7. Cats
  8. Ferret
  9. Rabbit
  10. Hedgehogs

1. Dogs

best small dog for cuddling

Dogs are pets that like to cuddle a lot. When they curl up close to you, they give affection and oxytocin, a chemical that makes them as well as human beings feel well and produces feelings of attachment, bonding, and assurance.

Kids within the ages of five to ten are the best age to have a dog as a pet, as far as they are not only responsible for its care and maintenance.

In addition to water and food necessities, dogs require regular physical activities. Just like human beings, theu also need stuff like diapers, shampoos, etc. If you are just a beginner and don't know about this much then best dog accessories will surely help you getting started. and required vaccinations from an authorized vet.

Whether you're looking for the best small dogs for cuddling or best cuddly lap dogs, we have got you covered. These are the small breeds that you are looking for:

  1. Maltese.
  2. Pomeranian.
  3. Pug.
  4. Brussels Griffon.
  5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

2. Chinchillas

women cuddling with chinchilla

Chinchillas are active, furry rodents that belong to South America. They are whimsical, smart, and loving.

Chinchillas are not really that cuddly, however, they show their love and affection in some ways like Jump and climb on you, greet you and enjoy ‘playtime’, enjoy being stroked, lick/groom your hand, fall asleep on you, and can talk to you too.

They should normally be kept inside, so this makes them an apartment-friendly pet as well. Chinchillas are small pets that are easy to take care of and cuddle with

We recommend you to read these important pieces of advice about Chinchillas care before you get one. Chinchillas are extremely smart animals and they do need regular outdoor timing. You will need to be committed to them as their lifespan is up to 15-16 years on average.

3. Guinea Pigs

cuddly guinea pig

Guinea pigs are very similar to rabbits both personality and look wise.
They won't be satisfied if they don't receive regular cuddling from you.

They are known for rarely biting or chewing and for having kind temperaments. Guinea pigs are normally cheap pets that any family can afford.

Guinea pigs really enjoy lying on your lap and spending human beings. In addition to that, they make an appealing trilling, wheezing noise when happy that will melt your heart.

4. Hamsters

girl holding affectionate hamster

Hamsters are nocturnal pets and hence are usually the popular choice amongst young children that are looking for the friendliest pet to look after.

The only difficult thing about them is to get their trust, it's not easy at all! Hamsters can’t connect with a large number of people the way other pets can, instead they are most happy when spending time with just one and sometimes two owners.

The critter will know the owner by his or her smell and be very fearful of those it does not recognize. Because they are so small, it can be challenging to learn how to give affection to them and understand when they are returning the love.

But, not that difficult too, you can just start up by giving them some vegetables to eat or gently stroking their fur in one direction. In turn, the pet will start to sit on the owner’s shoulder, they love it!

5. Sugar Gliders

grey sugar glider

Sugar gliders are pretty small Australian possums whose natural habitats are up in the treetops.

They have also not undergone the biogenetic process of domestication like cats and dogs have.

Thus, several people would debate on them saying sugar gliders shouldn't be kept as a pet. Just ensure they have a good amount of space to play in their cage.

This is also another pet that requires a lot of time and involvement from its owner. They are commonly referred to as “pocket pets" who develop a strong relationship with their handlers.

6. Cats

women cuddling with her cat

Cats are moody fellows, there are times when they would rather be left alone and there are times when they need to be sweetie with their handlers. Cats do have real loyalty and affection for their owners.

The sound they release can lower blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and can help in the healing of diseases, osseins, and tissues.

Cats are just as loving and affectionate as dogs - John Bradshaw - Cat Sense (book)

There are some cat breeds that like to cuddle and are affectionate than the rest like:

  1. Siamese.
  2. Ragdoll.
  3. Persian.
  4. Birman.
  5. Dwelf.
  6. Bambinos, and Munchkins.

Curious, friendly, and creative, these members of the weasel family are pretty affectionate and give excellent company. Comparatively, they are high maintenance pets.

7. Ferret

a girl loving ferret

Ferrets require daily interaction and can be rude if not monitored strictly. For these causes, they do great in homes with kids older than eight.

Their diet basically includes ferret pellets and lamb kitten or soft chicken treats. Cleaning the cage and providing freshwater is the daily requirement.

8. Rabbit

a girl cuddlin with her rabbit pet

Most pet rabbits are affectionate, kind, and loving creatures. A perfect pet for the owner who wants a soft, gentle companion, rabbits are the friendliest pets and very cuddly.

Some breeds are more responsive to handling and cuddling than others. You can also pick a tinier breed if you don't have much space for an open-air hutch.

Apart from chinchillas, Rabbits are also small pets that are easy to take care of. If you are looking for a rabbit breed that really enjoys human interaction then these are the breeds you'll want:

  1. Lionhead.
  2. Rex.
  3. Netherland Dwarf.
  4. Himalayan and English Lop.
  5. Havana.
  6. Dutch.
  7. Rex and Himalayan Breeds.

9. Gerbils


Gerbils are effortless to handle and take care of. Gerbils have a shorter lifespan of up to two years.

It's very simple to feed gerbils because they have a standard diet: rodent pellets and food pieces, along with some additional seed mixes.

Gerbils are not generally aggressive, but they are really quick, which makes them difficult to hold for long.

This agility means a lot of motion in the pen, which could excite your kid's curiosity. If you are concerned that your environment might be too humid for a gerbil, read here about Gerbil's environment.

10. Hedgehog

cute small hedgehog

A conceivable option for a small cuddly pet is the hedgehog if well socialized and trained. Hedgehogs can be really to shy nearby people and will curl up in a circle in self-defense.

Yet, hedgehog owners find them to be very affectionate and friendly pets. They're a great option for an adult buyer who wants an exotic pet they can cooperate with that doesn't need plenty of room.

You may also have trouble finding a (doctor)veterinarian for your hedgehog so make sure you have one nearby before getting a hedgehog.

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